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A marathon, not a sprint

As a developer, you have to stay up-to-date. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You are in it for the long run, right? So, make learning part of your daily routine. Better 25 years, 15 min/day, than 1 hour/day for just 4 weeks. This is difficult. But the result will be amazing. Knowledge is the primary source of value, think about what lifelong learning can do to your worth!

Focus on your core

Finding information is not the issue. On the contrary, it is filtering. And filtering is all about making choices. Focus, don`t spread your knowledge. Decide in which field you want to have an in-depth knowledge. Do you want to specialize in Blockchain, VR, Java, or React? Take your pick and stick to it. And apply the 80/20 rule. You still have enough time to satisfy your curiosity outside of your focus.

What kind of a learner are you?

Do you like to read, to listen or to watch? Or do you prefer learning by doing? All tastes are catered for: podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, online courses, hackathons. You name it. Although one is dominant, you probably have several learning styles. Try to link a situation (I am on the train) into a learning style (podcast). This way you can also create habits that make learning a lifelong routine.

Use it!

A key element of learning is putting it into practice. If you don´t, it will just slip away. So, get out of your comfort zone. Play around with whatever you have learned. Start small. There are plenty of good tools out there that help you with testing some snippets of code. Try Dabblet (a CSS Playground), Codepen or JS Bin.

Happy Learning!

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