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Machines are continuous learners, what about you?

TalentQrunch is always keen on understanding the learning profile of our developers. What do you do to stay relevant and up-to-date? As a developer, the need is high, even higher than in many other professions. The technological ecosystem is ever-changing. Technologies come and go and the ones that stay are continuously improved. If you don´t spend time on learning, you are outdated in no-time. The challenge is to walk the thin line between "getting things done" and learning new technologies.

Today, knowledge is the primary source of value. Improve your know-how and your skills and you improve your value.

Three ways to stay relevant:

  1. Keep up-to-date
    This is about maintaining your present level. It’s the absolute minimum and often done in a natural way. Playing around with new features, reading blogs, attending Meetups and code, code, code! But also, push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Use a different Framework, Testing Tool or Language.

  2. Grow!
    You can grow in any direction you like. Horizontal, if you want to explore other disciplines (machine learning or blockchain) or vertical, if you want to deepen your skills to become a better version of your professional self. Obviously, you have the usual suspects, such as online training or attend conferences but also think about teaching others (very educational!).

  3. Shock therapy
    If everything goes well, it’s a great feeling. But the good thing about messing up is that a huge opportunity presents itself. Learn from your mistakes. Grab the opportunity with both hands. Famous Dutch saying: “Every disadvantage has its advantage” (Johan Cruyff).

Machines never stop learning, nor should you.

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